Monday, October 10, 2011

Writing with Emotion

Monday, October 10, 2011
Readers want to feel an emotional connection to your characters and story. If you’re not writing with emotion, odds are your readers won’t be emotionally connected either.
Fear, Sad, Low self-worth, Lonely, Guilt, Confidence, Happy, Uplifting
If you’re human, you’ve felt just about every emotion there is to feel. That’s good. It means you have the building blocks to be a good writer. The more you can feel what your characters are going through as you write it, the more real and emotional it will be for the reader.  
I admit it. I was teary eyed when I wrote a sad scene in my latest novel, Battery Brothers. When I reread the scene and felt it again I knew I’d have a decent shot at hitting the reader where it hurts. Many parts of my novel I had to rewrite were scenes I didn’t feel when I was writing it. So while writing from your head is good, writing from your heart is even better!


Jemi Fraser

Totally agree! Writing from the heart is the best advice ever. All of my favourite books, the ones I go back to again & again, give me that emotional response. I hope to do that in my own writing too! :)

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