Friday, October 21, 2011

10 Reasons You Might Be . . . A Writer

Friday, October 21, 2011
1) If your computer’s delete key is more worn than the letter keys, you might be a writer.
2) If you have enough rejection letters to wallpaper your entire house, you might be a writer.
3) If looking up at the St. Louis Arch causes you to think about your story arc, you might be a writer.
4) If you’ve scribbled a story idea on toilette paper while using a public bathroom, you might be a writer.
5) If you Google words like "climax", "fantasy", and "third person" without the intention of getting off, you might be a writer.
6) If you Google the words "Hero" and "Heroine" and aren’t looking for a bite to eat and a quick fix, you might be a writer.
7) If NaNoWriMo is your email password, you might be a writer.
8) If hardly anybody sees or hears from you throughout November, you might be a writer.
9) If you’ve been paid a kill fee and have no intention of taking a life, you might be a writer.
10) If you proofread everything (cereal boxes, other people's Facebook posts, T-shirts, closed captioning on TV), you might be a writer.

And one final thought:
I do believe everybody has at least one book in them. My guess is it resides in the stomach. It’s way out? The same as food. First books usually are shitty.



Well great, Steve! Now, I gotta go change my password. Thanks for telling the universe!

Jemi Fraser

love it! Love the craziness of NaNo!! Just wish I was more prepared this year! :)

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